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Show Desktop.

Now this is not DB related, but it has comes in very handy for me. When ever a new server is deployed, I go in to install SQL. Now there may be many applications opened, and I to clear the desktop to maintain order and start a lead. While in some OSs we can click on the task bar and go to “Show the Desktop”, I prefer to have my quick launch icon ready. There are two big reasons I can think of, right of the bat:

  1. There may be many applications open, and you might not find a spot quickly and easily to right click (on the task bar) and select “Show the Desktop”.
  2. If you have some kind of a modal window displayed during installation that does not have a minimize button, you may loose this window if you click in the wr0ng place, and then it is going to be tough to get back to this scenario.

Anyways, if you want the icon, this is what you can do:

  1. Open notepad and type/paste the following text:

  2. Save the file as “Show Desktop.txt”.
  3. Rename “Show Desktop.txt” to “Show Desktop.scf”. Make sure the file does not end up being named “Show Desktop.scf.txt

You will now have an icon on your desktop (image shown at the bottom of this post). I usually proceed to drag this icon and have it as the first item in my quick launch bar. Now whenever I want to clear the scene, I click on the icon, and I have a fresh desktop. Things are in order, I can click on the task bar, pick and application, and start working.


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