SQL server

Logging with xp_logevent.

xp_logevent is used to log messages to the SQL error log. A stored procedure can be created to do a task and log its finish time (or different  waypoints) to the SQL error log. This comes in handy during trouble shooting, or if any activity has to be monitored from the already present SQL error log. I like using xp_logevent as no special reading/writing program has to be created, and the logs can be read across the network from other windows programs/WMI/Log readers. Audit triggers can also use this procedure to record info in the SQL error logs. An example of usage is:

xp_logevent 50001,’Testing xp_logevent by stan’,informational

The error number (50001 in my case), can be any number greater than 50,000 and less than 2147483647


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