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Unattended SQL install (or auto install).

SQL server installation is pretty easy using the setup GUI. With the many installs that I have done, there were times when multiple SQL installs with the same settings had to be done. We have a production, staging, QA, development, and testing environment for our major applications. The SQL servers had to have the same setting across these environments. One way to install these SQL servers was to do the same process repeatedly, or I could create a parameter file and provided this file to the setup.exe program. This process is called an unattended install, and one file can be passed to all 5 setup programs to install SQL server with the same settings throughout.

Under the same folder of the SQL installation files (Setup.exe) is an initialization file called template.ini. This ini file has a set of commented out examples that you can use. Once this file has been setup (use BOL to find out how), the installation can be run from the command line using:

c:\>start /wait setup.exe /qb /settings c:\path_to_ini_file\template.ini

The /qb will do a quite install with basic GUI. These multiple, quiet, unattended installs gives me a professional feeling about my DBA skills.


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