SQL server

SQL command line tools and Utilities.

MS SQL is know for being a GUI administered DB. This has won it favor over Oracle, although Oracle also has GUI based administration. In my opinion, this GUI has been the pro and con for SQL. The pro was that SQL seemed easy and was quick to install and learn. The con was that many installations were done quickly, and when it came to trouble shoot, it seemed like SQL had a lot of issues. Technicians without a SQL background would have production issues for installations they did, whereas Oracle was only installed by SQL admins who knew what they were doing. In the end, SQL seemed to  have more problems. Anyways, this post is about the command line tools that are available with SQL. Click on the link and behold the list of programs that many DB admins might still now know about. The link is for SQL2005, and SQL2008 can be selected from the drop down at the top of the article.


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