SQL server

AD GPO and SQL server.

Group Policy Objects (GPOs) are usually handled by the company Active Directory (AD) admins. Your AD admins can create security templates (inf files) and pass them around to standardize on security policies.  You can then use the Security Configuration and Analysis MMC plugin to check for discrepancies between the templates and your current settings.

To add to the MMC plugin:

  1. Go to Start>Run> and  type in MMC, then hit enter.
  2. You may be presented with an empty console screen. Click on File>Add/Remove Snap-in…
  3. Click on Add at the bottom and you will now see the Add Standalone snap-ins console.
  4. Scroll to Security Configuration and Analysis and click on Add and the click Close.

You can now create a new Database and load a template into the database. A report can be run and you can redirect the output to a file on disk for reviewing.


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