MySQL, SQL server

Powershell helper/IDE.

Powershell is (as named) powerful.  I have been using it for a bit and it is really easy to automate tasks across multiple servers using POSH (powershell). Now that POSH comes standard with SQL2008 and server 2008, availability is not an issue plus is it backwards compatible to a level. There is a free GUI out there called PowerGUI that makes it much easier to learn and develop with POSH. Click here for PowerGUI site link.

There is also SQLPSX (SQL Power Shell Extensions). Click here for SQLPSX codeplex link. It is also backwards compatible with SQL2000. Here is an excerpt description from the site: SQLPSX consists of 13 modules with 163 advanced functions, 2 cmdlets and 7 scripts for working with ADO.NET, SMO, Agent, RMO, SSIS, SQL script files, PBM, Oracle and MySQL and using Powershell ISE as a SQL and Oracle query tool. In addition optional backend databases and SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 reports are provided with SQLServer and PBM modules.

Now let get exploring with these two tools.


3 thoughts on “Powershell helper/IDE.

    • stanleyjohns says:

      Thanks for the link Brian. I will be checking out powerse.

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