SQL server

Project Lucy.

I was checking out Project Lucy. It is a really smart idea and this is how it works:

  1. Download the exe from the project site and run it.
  2. This will create a plugin in SSMS (version 2008 onwards).
  3. If you has SSMS open, you will have to close and reopen it.
  4. Now right click on a server in object explorer and and you will see a new icon called ‘Project Lucy’. Click on this open up a dialog window.
  5. Specify your trace parameters and start your tracing.
  6. Your trace ends once the time/size you specified has been reached.

By default, the trace file will be stored on C:\Trace on the SQL server the trace is running on, but you can also specify a UNC path. You will need a login created on the project site and you will be uploading your trace file to this website. Once you have created a login and uploaded your trace file, then some crunching happens and you will have a smooth web GUI to explore the results of the trace.

I tested it out, and everything worked smoothly. I got excited a uploaded a couple of trace files to the site. The interface is smooth and has explanations with sqlpedia links


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