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Error 42d bringing resource online sql.

I got a call from application support and they told me that they were not able to connect to a newly created SQL cluster. Looking at the server name, I remember building the cluster and logged in to troubleshoot the issue. I opened up SSMS but was not able to connect to the local SQL server! I opened up SSCM and found that the SQL service was not started.

Now the real fun starts: I tried to start the SQL service, the progress bar ran for around 30 seconds and then I got an error saying SQL service could not start and to check the logs. I went to the default SQL logs section and checked, but there were no logs dated for today. I then went to the failover cluster manager checked its logs. I saw the following messages:

Cluster resource ‘SQL Server’ in clustered service or application ‘SQL server’ failed.

 StartService (MSSQLSERVER) failed.  Error: 42d.

I checked SSCM to see if the error had anything to do with the location of the master files, if there were any issue with the network protocols, or if the service account used to start SQL server was different.

Anyways, to make a long story short, the issue had to do with the service account and AD settings on the cluster. How I fixed the issue was to go to SSCM, and under the ‘Log on’ tab, reentered the same account credentials for the SQL server. I hit apply and then started up SQL server successfully. This would have also cause problems when trying to fail over SQL from one node to another. It has something to do with the AD accounts/security policy and is not a SQL server bug.


3 thoughts on “Error 42d bringing resource online sql.

  1. Mircea says:

    Also when you change the password for the Service account, DO NOT use SQL Server configuration manager, use Windows Services instead

  2. Marcelo Acevedo says:

    Please add/give SQL service account “logon as service” privilage. It’s works

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