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Logman for performance data collection.

While experimenting with Extended events, I ran across a tool call Logman that ships with windows. Another similar tool is Tracerpt (which I want to test out later). As per technet: Logman creates and manages Event Trace Session and Performance logs and supports many functions of Performance Monitor from the command line.

This tool can be used to create, collect, and query perfmon data right from the command line. Run the command logman query to see a list of data collector sets available on the system. I saw a ‘test’ data collector that I had previously created using perfmon. Run logman query “test” to see details about the data collectors and the counter-categories\counters that are setup.

From the command line, logman can be used to start and stop the collectors. Unfortunately the import\export feature is not there in XP or 2003. I checked a 2008 server, and it had the import\export feature. This is useful for moving around customized data collectors without having to manually create them on each server.


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