SQL server

SQL server code names.

If you are passionate about SQL server then it is fine to be a bit geeky and know the code names for the different SQL server releases. Here is the list:

Sphinx[65] SQL Server 7.0
Yukon SQL Server 2005[66] (Version 9)
Katmai / Akadia SQL Server 2008[67][66] (Version 10)
Kilimanjaro SQL Server 2008R2 (Version 10.5)
Plato[68] Olap Services 7.0 This was the first release of Microsoft Analysis Services
Blue SQL Report Designer 2.0[69] This is the stand alone release of the tool for SQL Server Reporting Services.
Denali[70][71] SQL Server 2012[72] (Version 11)
Juneau[73] SQL Server Data Tools Will be included in the next CTP of SQL Server “Denali”
Crescent[74] Power View A data visualisation tool that will be included in SQL Server “Denali”
Zurich Azure Microsoft’s cloud platform

Source: Wikipedia.


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