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Scaling SQL server with SODA.

Yes, I’ll have one of that SODA. There are a lot of features available with SQL server, and I find new ones every so often. Now before we stray off, SODA stands for Service Oriented Database Architecture. SODA is a term for the new features available in SQL2005 that allows for the scaling up of SQL server.

Previously, only TDS (Tabular Data Streams) was available for client-server communications. TDS is fast, but with the growing needs of web users and e-commerce, more features are required.

I have taken the chunk below right out of BOL

  • Native Web Service Access, to allow message-based communication based on SOAP and other protocols that takes advantage of the Windows Server 2003 HTTP kernel-mode driver, Http.sys.
  • Service Broker, a new class of transactional middle-ware that is service-centric, rather than message-centric, to support scalable services.
  • Query Notifications that allow data-dependent caches to receive a notification that data requires refreshing because the underlying database has changed. The notification is generated based on the original query that was used to create and populate the cache.
  • SQLCLR that deeply integrates sophisticated logic processing into the database to reduce latencies due to remote data access.

I will spend the next few days learning and trying out these new features.


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