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IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure is important. In todays age, IT infrastructure is the backbone of any company. Proper infrastructure saves time, saves money, improves communication, eliminates redundancies, scales properly when required, and the list goes on.
Anyways, the reason of this post is because I am starting a new tag on infrastructure. I may also have to add this tag to some of my older posts.
To kick off, here is a link that was a treat for me. Courtesy of Obama’s AWS team.
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What is a Slipstream installation? See below.

When installing or upgrading operating systems you may come across terms like cumulative update or slipstream installation. So what is this ‘slipstream’ installation? Slipstream install files are those installation packs/ISO files in which the install-software and service pack are integrated. You do not need to install the OS first and then upgrade the service pack level. One installation process will give you the operating system updated to the indicated service pack level.

Needless to say, the first release version (RTM) of the software would not make sense to be a slipstream package. Once the service packs come out, you will find options for slipstream packages or just the service packs.

For example, when SQL2008R2 came out, users could install the software on their system. When SQL2008R2 SP1 came out later, users who already had SQL2008R2 installed could just download SP1 and upgrade their server. If there was a system that did not have SQL2008R2 (after the release of SP1), users had the option to grab a slipstream install and get SQL2008R2 SP1 in one install process.

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TRIM (Trimming) for SSDs.

In Windows 7 and newer operating systems, the TRIM command can be used to maximize the life and performance of Solid State Drives (SSDs). Using this command is known as  trimming the SSDs. This command is useful as SSDs operate differently (internally) from HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). The TRIM command will notify the SSD on which blocks no longer contain data that needs to be persisted, and a few low level operations later, the data on these blocks can be safely deleted.

In windows, to see if you have trimming enabled, run the following command on the command line:

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

If the result is a 0, it means that TRIM is enabled. A 1 indicates that TRIM is not enabled. To enable trimming, run the command below:

fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0

Happy trimming.

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$25 when you sign up with ING bank.

This is not a SQL post, as usually seen on this blog. I am thinking of adding some colour to my blog by posting non-SQL items once in a while. This is an experiment to check out the duality of SQL blog readers.

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