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SQL server edition comparisions.

I had created an old post about Enterprise only features of SQL server. As I found out interesting features, I added it to that old post. Today, I found out an MSDN link that has a feature comparison table which summarizes everything I was trying to capture in that post.

The link above is for the 2008 R2 version. You can switch between 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012.

As of 2012, the different editions of SQL server are:

  • Enterprise
  • Business Intelligence
  • Standard
  • Web
  • Express with Advanced Services
  • Express with Tools
  • Express

I thought the PDW was like the top most edition, but apparently, it is marketed as an appliance.

SQL server, SQLServerPedia Syndication

Scaling SQL server with SODA.

Yes, I’ll have one of that SODA. There are a lot of features available with SQL server, and I find new ones every so often. Now before we stray off, SODA stands for Service Oriented Database Architecture. SODA is a term for the new features available in SQL2005 that allows for the scaling up of SQL server.

Previously, only TDS (Tabular Data Streams) was available for client-server communications. TDS is fast, but with the growing needs of web users and e-commerce, more features are required.

I have taken the chunk below right out of BOL

  • Native Web Service Access, to allow message-based communication based on SOAP and other protocols that takes advantage of the Windows ServerĀ 2003 HTTP kernel-mode driver, Http.sys.
  • Service Broker, a new class of transactional middle-ware that is service-centric, rather than message-centric, to support scalable services.
  • Query Notifications that allow data-dependent caches to receive a notification that data requires refreshing because the underlying database has changed. The notification is generated based on the original query that was used to create and populate the cache.
  • SQLCLR that deeply integrates sophisticated logic processing into the database to reduce latencies due to remote data access.

I will spend the next few days learning and trying out these new features.